RIP basil I've been putting off confessing this, but my basil died. A couple of weeks ago, actually. I was very sad and told a guy at work about it. He brought me two plants he grew from seeds. He brought them to me, the plant killer. I can't disappoint him by killing the plants he lovingly coaxed into life. So I've been diligently watering them and moving them from spot to spot to capture enough sunlight. The thing is though, I can't feel too bad about the basil dying because other people have told me theirs died this year too. PLUS, my other herbs? Doing just fine. Beautiful, even. It's so awesome to just go out and clip some when a recipe calls for something. No more thinking "well, crap I can't make that dish because I don't have any chives" or parsley or rosemary or mint. You get the idea. So anyway, I'm trying not to kill the second go round of basil. I will prevail. Because I cannot admit to this guy that I killed his plants. Live, basil! Live!!


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