And also with you Yesterday, we became godparents for the third time. You'd think we'd know all about the process now. But no. We were waiting for the Buntings to arrive and saw the guy who does the baptism. You know... the guy wearing the collar. The guy we assumed was the priest. Until we overheard him talking about his wife. Uh, what? I looked at David, a little bewildered. "Did you hear that?" "Actually, I did." "If he's a priest, why does he have a wife!?" While we're considering this, Chrissy and Tommy arrive. I ask Tommy the question. "Who is that guy?" "You mean the priest?" (He thinks he's so great with sarcasm.) "Well, we just heard him talking about his wife. Splain that." "Actually, I have no idea who he is. They don't really teach you anything useful in the baptism classes." (He had to convert before he and Chrissy got married.) "It's all about your spiritual self and other crap like that. What really would have been great would have been for them to tell me when I was supposed to stand, when to sit, when to kneal. That kind of stuff." So we asked Chrissy, who notified us that he's the deacon. Ah, deacons. Yes, they have wives. We all file into the church, Megan giggles as the holy water goes over her head and the video camera wouldn't turn on. While we're all standing in the front of the church, the deacon walks buy with the oil and rubs some on Megan's head. "Hey, what's that stuff?" I whisper to Tommy, who's standing right in front of me. "Why do you keep asking me that stuff? I told you I don't know about this stuff. They didn't tell me! I'm here just for show!" "Humph. You've been no help to me today. But that stuff looks like olive oil." At the same time, David and Tommy both whisper "It's EVOO! EVOO!" Yes, we watch too much Food Network. Megan is baptized, we take a gazillion pictures, watch Abigail have a mini meltdown (we might have gotten a photo) because she doesn't feel like having her picture taken. Then as my stomach growls for the 100th time, someone says "OK! Back to the house for lunch!" I praise God -- and Mary and Jesus -- and we head to the car.


Anonymous nabbalicious said...

Wait...Abigail DIDN'T want her picture taken?! I'm stunned!

7/24/2006 01:20:00 PM  
Blogger Jasclo said...

I know! And she looked so adorable.

7/24/2006 01:53:00 PM  

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