The boy I heart Right before I leave for work every day, I say goodbye to the cats. This solves a couple of things. One, I know they're not shut into a closet or locked on the screened porch for the whole night. Two, I just love em and I want to say goodbye to them. The couple days ago, I knelt down in front of the futon in the office where Jasper was all curled into a ball sleeping. As I put my arms around him, he stretched and sniffed my face. I nuzzled his face. "Aww, Jas. Give momma kisses." And he licked my cheek. Yeah, yeah. I know, it was coincidence. But it still made my heart melt. Here's a picture of one of his more impressive feats. He climbed into the drawer by getting into the cabinet. Now that's skill. jasindrawer


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